You don’t need me to tell you the power of Facebook & Instagram ads. The 1.5 billion search results tell you that everyone knows just how amazing they are and wants to get onboard with them.

I’ve been doing Facebook & Instagram ads since they started, not just for me, but for a large number of clients (big and small!). From product to service based… International to local. They can be seriously powerful when done correctly.

If you’re reading this thinking “yeah, ok I get the hype… But just exactly why should I be doing FB ads?” Well then, let me just break down the benefits of Facebook ads for you.

It’s measureable

First up in this day and age, we have the power of real time stats at our finger tips. There’s no guess work involved with Facebook or Instagram campaigns. There’s no “we sold 1,000 newspapers, but we can’t be sure who saw your ad”. You can see who you’ve reached, who clicked and who converted to a sale. There are literally no ifs, buts or maybes involved.


With over 2.5 billion active users in Q4 2019 (Facebook) and 1 billion (Instagram), they are the 2 most utilized social media platforms.

When you couple the measuring factor, I’ve had campaigns where the cost per click has been £0.13

If all you have is $5 per day, you can still see a return on your investment. I challenge you to find any other form of advertising for $5. Making it one of the most accessible forms of advertising out there.

Great for new starts and small businesses.

It works hard

Many forms of advertising cast the net wide. Sure you can have ads out there that get initial awareness. Ads out there that tell people why they should buy from you and not your competitor. But you have very little control over who sees what when it comes to traditional marketing.

With Facebook & Instagram ads, you can create a series of ads that are only seen by a very specific audience of people. Say you want people who looked at your sales page, but didn’t buy, to see a 10% code… You can do that. Say you wanted people who watched 75% of the video you posted on your page to see an advert for your free workshop… You can do that.

You can read more about my favourite custom Facebook audiences here, but what I’m saying is, you are in full control of who sees what and when they see it. So you can then use your ads to nurture people through the sales process, rather than just cast the net and say “buy my stuff”. Pretty fricking cool huh!

So what do you think?  Are you ready to take the plunge with Facebook & Instagram ads?

If so, then check out Amplify with Ads… My Facebook & Instagram ads guided programme, to help you set up my Facebook ads funnel system in your business. Find out more about Amplify with Ads here.

3 Benefits of Facebook Ads