If you’re only experience of Facebook or Instagram ads is the ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ button, then buckle in… Because I’m going to blow your mind with these potential uses of social media ads that will skyrocket your business growth.

Targeting web visitors

Yeah, you heard me right… You can add something called a pixel to your website to create audiences based on browsing behavior. Just think about serving a nice explainer video or testimonial video to someone who visited your service or sales pages. The results will be far more powerful than targeting a cold audience who don’t know you exist yet.

Take this to the next level and you can retarget people who visited the checkout but didn’t buy. Imagine serving them with a free delivery or 10% off code on Facebook… That should help them get over the line.

Grow your email list

We all know the power of an email list… You own it, it’s not going anywhere, and no changing algorithms are going to pop up and kill your reach overnight. So, if it’s not already high up on your content priority list, then ‘what are you doing?’

Ads are great way to get email sign ups. Offer a great free or low price resource… An e-book, video masterclass, webinar, which they can access immediately in return for their email address.

You can be growing your email list whilst you sleep!

Target lookalikes of existing customers

This one is always overlooked… But imagine you have created a custom audience of people who have successfully bought your service. You can create a lookalike audience of buyers to serve your ads to.

Facebook will use several parameters to show your ads to people most like your existing customers.

So next time you see the ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ button, just stop and think how you could target a warmer audience… One that has a higher chance of enquiring or buying from you.

You can up your Facebook ad targeting in my Amplify with Ads programme, where I let you into my 3 step FAS funnel to get 10X your ROI.

3 great ways to use facebook or instagram ads