Have you ever run a Facebook ad campaign and asked yourself ‘why isn’t my Facebook ad converting?’

Facebook ads can be the most powerful growth tool for your business. Allowing insane targeting abilities. But, it can leave you screaming at the screen… In this post I’ll cover off some of the most common reasons why your Facebook ads didn’t work in the past.

Your ads aren’t relevant to your audience

Did you check your ad relevance score in ads manager? Your ad performance will be ranked 1-10 based on user behavior. Things like did they engage or did they hide the ad.

If you have a low score, then that is something that you can look to improve upon.

Use the split test function to try different creative images, or captions next time to see which performs best.

Your targeting was too wide

Most people are used to setting up ads based on location, age, gender. But beyond that they get a little sketchy. You need to really know you audience.

Think where they shop, what they’re into… i.e do you teach yoga? Well your audience may well shop at Fabletics and be into mindset practice.

Get particular about who you target. It’s not all about reaching as many people as possible, but a good number of the right people.

The objective was wrong

There are many was to set up your ad, but you need to know what you’re trying to achieve from it first.

I always recommend having a series of ads set up, this way you can first off run an awareness campaign, then look to drive traffic to a web page, before finally looking to run a conversion campaign.

People often run one without the other and then wonder why they aren’t getting the conversion. You have to think about your ads in tandem, as a journey.

If you’ve had trouble with your Facebook ads in the past, don’t give up. Look at it through a fresh pair of eyes.

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3 reasons your Facebook ad didn't work