I’ve been in business for 4 years now and during that time I have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when it comes to driving my business forward.

Here’s my top 3 things you can do to ensure that your business runs exactly how you want it:

Make goals

It might sound like an obvious one to start with, but if you don’t have business goals (and by that I mean proper SMART business objectives) then how on earth can you tell if what you are doing is working, both in terms of sales and marketing (AKA content!) but also your business direction.

It’s essential that you set yourself goals in business so that you can constantly monitor the effectiveness of your time and effort and do more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

You can’t plug & play other peoples strategy and expect the same results

Everyone is always looking for the shortcut to success. We’re ingrained to think that speed equals better. We also think that we can do what 1 person did and get the same results… But here’s the thing. Not only are potentially your businesses and target market different. But even if they are the same, YOU are different! The way you react to business decisions, market forces, global pandemics, your mood… ALL DIFFERENT.

So as much as we can learn from others mistakes and fortunes, it’s important that you don’t mentally hand the reigns over. That you still stay in the driving seat and instead learn how to recognise when you need to switch gears.

In my membership programme, The Content Academy, you learn how to find the right content strategies for you and your business.

Waiting to feel confident never happens

I’ve said this before and that is that waiting until you’re ready is something that rarely happens. There’s always ‘something else’ that would make it even better. GET OUT THERE! Test the water, make it better, hear the reaction and feel confident as a result.

We’re never really ready… So go out there. Cross the bridges when you come to them, not before.

Sometimes you think you know what you want your business to be, but when you try something you realise you don’t like that and you pivot away from that.

What do you struggle most with in your business?

3 things I've learned in business