It can be hard to know how to best invest your time on social media for your business.

There are so many different elements to consider… Hashtags, posting frequencies, engagement and it can all seem a little bit, well overwhelming!

But buckle up because I’m going to throw a few bad habits under the spotlight that won’t be getting you any enquiries or sales.

1. “Like for Like, Follow for Follow, Share for Share”

Comment pods, like threads… Whatever they are called in the Facebook groups you’re part of. Avoid!

You see these aren’t going to sell you anything, why… Simple: Because 99.9% of the people sharing, liking, or following you in those groups AREN’T your target audience or market.

Sure, you’re getting more likes and followers, oh and that’s so tempting! But those are what we call ‘vanity metrics’ and that’s not what you should be consuming your precious time on.

It’s far better for your business to have a smaller, genuinely engaged following than to have tons of likes from people who don’t even know who you are (and let’s be real, are probably going to unlike or unfollow you in the next few weeks… Then you start to panic when your numbers tank).

And YES, even if these threads only take you 10 minutes a day to participate in, that’s 10 minutes per day that could be better spent.

On top of that, you’re going to do some serious damage to your accounts. You see the social platforms ain’t daft! They can see people going from a Facebook Group to an Insta pic, “like” then back… On REPEAT! They can tell natural engagement and that ain’t natural.

2. 30 Day Posting Challenges

A little part of my soul dies every time I see a ’30 day posting challenge’.

I’m not being a spoil sport here, but listen up… If you’re not already seeing good results from your content, then posting more frequently isn’t going to solve the problem.

You need to tie your content into YOUR goals, not someone else’s.

If you’re not seeing great results, spend that time to investigate where you’re going wrong.

Not to mention, consistently posting sub par content that gets no engagement day after day, just tells the social media platforms you’re not worth showing in the news feeds of your followers… and so you don’t.

I hear you shouting, oh but we’ve all agreed to like and comment on each other’s content for 30 days… I’ll just revert you back to point 1 above!

So, step away from the ’30 day posting challenges’ and instead use that time to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and work out exactly why your posts aren’t performing.

Quality wins over of quantity every time!

3. Posting ‘just for the sake of it’

Panic posting is the one sure thing that’s going to get your knickers in a twist when it comes to content. Getting ahead in your content is something that I teach you in my signature course, Content Planning for Business.

Instead of trying to come up with a different post every time. Give yourself a topic for the week and then think of all the different ways you can create content about that topic.

So say you’re an accountant and you want to talk about ‘expenses’. You could create a post on what 5 things you might not know are tax deductible. Then another post on the best app to keep track of receipts. Another on going paperless in business.

With that in mind I’m sure you can think up 4 topics to get you through the next 30 days

3 things to avoid on social media | Content Clarity | It can be hard to know how to best invest your time on social media for your business.