Are you looking to grow your email list? Email lists are a valuable asset in the marketing world… Why? Because you own it! No algorithm change is going to pop up and instantly wipe out your reach overnight. So If you haven’t already set up an email list for customers, or potential customers, then go, go, go!

But if you’re looking to grow your email list, then you’re in the right place! Because I’m going to tell you 3 ways you supercharge your email list so you can supersize your sales potential on your very own terms:

Opt in freebie

Setting up an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list in the first place is a great way to encourage your list to grow organically. Think about how you could provide something valuable to your potential subscriber… Perhaps an e-book, free training video.

Something that can be delivered automatically to them in return for submitting their details, that requires no time from you whatsoever (after you’ve set it up of course!) You want this to be completely automatic. Email subscribers whilst you sleep… Heck yes!

Facebook ads to grow your email list

Once you have an opt in freebie set up, you can then set up an ad campaign to entice your ideal audience to sign up to it. This is a great way to encourage fresh eyes on your business in a way that sees you provide value upfront, rather than the traditional hard sale message. How refreshing!

Pop up or exit intent banner

Now you can repurpose that same opt in freebie to your website. Make sure everyone who visits your website, who perhaps lands there via search engine results, Pinterest or social media, is given the opportunity to sign up.

These days don’t just tuck it away in the footer of your website. Try different placements, such as a pop up after a few seconds… Or exit intent, where it pops up when people move the mouse cursor off to the close or URL bar… Or even a static header bar, which is fixed in place regardless of scrolling. See which placement works best for your audience and gets you the most sign ups… Then let it do the hard work.

There you have it… 3 ways you can grow your email list for your business.

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3 ways to grow your email list