3 ways to make the most of your content

To stop you from going content crazy, I wanted to go through 3 ways you can repurpose your content. That way you get the most out of every piece of content, as well as maximise your time (because we all know running a business commands a lot of attention!)

The first golden rule of content creation is to repurpose… Most businesses make the art of creating content sooooooo much harder for themselves by trying to come up with shiny brand new content every day and for each platform they’re on… That’s what I call churn out, burn out!

Cross pollinate your content

You’ve spent the time creating the content… You want it to be seen!

Make sure you upload it across all your platforms. If you have uploaded a video to YouTube, then make sure you also directly upload it to IGTV, share it for your Instagram feed… Directly upload to Facebook.

That way your content is being seen by as many eyes as possible!

Reuse your content

Most people think, oh well I posted about ‘3 ways to repurpose content’ 7 month’s ago on my blog… I can’t EVER talk about that again on any platform… Wrong!

Most topics in your business will be evergreen (meaning they aren’t time sensitive) or at the very least, seasonal. I like to keep a list of season and evergreen content. Which I can then pull from.

Obviously be sensitive to the platform. You wouldn’t blog the same post twice on your blog (although read on as I talk about repurposing), but on social media. You can certainly roll around a seasonal video or blog post to link to.

Give it a make over

Ask yourself… If Disney can remake Mary Poppins, then can I remake my blog post (Hell yeah!)

i.e ‘3 ways to repurpose your content’ blog post, 6 months from now could be ‘How to avoid content churn out’.

I’m not saying to copy and paste word for word. But it’s far easier to start with a prewritten piece and give it a rewrite than it is to start from scratch.

So there you have it! 3 ways to repurpose your content and make sure you get the most out of each and every post!

3 Ways to make the most of your content
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