You’ve got a growing online audience, but you’re struggling to know how to provide valuable content & what to say to them to keep them interested and coming back for more on your social media channels, blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos. So, let me tell you 3 ways you can engage your online audience and keep them coming back for more… And it’s through GIVING VALUE to them:

1. Give regular valuable content tips

Show your expert skills off, by giving your followers & subscribers regular tips. Make sure you keep your ear close to the ground and know exactly where their pain points are, so you can give tips that will aid and support them.

i.e Are you a photographer… Give tips on posing, what’s best to wear for a shoot, how to get the most out of your mobile snaps.

Maybe you sell stationery and you want to give tips on how to best look after your pens on pencils. Or maybe give tips on what makes the best journal for a first timer.

2. Answer questions

Make sure if people ask questions on social media, blogs, podcasts or YouTube that you engage and get back to them. But start to compile a list of these. They make great ideas for future content!

Another way to answer questions is to use the questions sticker on Stories and answer these in an upcoming video. Or to even go live and answer questions at the time.

Making yourself available to answer questions, helps nurture people through the buying cycle. But also may well answer a questions for someone who is a little hesitant to approach you.

When you bear in mind these Live videos can be saved to IGTV, people can then watch these whilst you’re sleeping… So, that Q&A works for you 24/7… Yippee!!

3. Give tutorials

Give a demonstration. Show people how to solve a common mistake in relation to your product or service.

  • If you’re an accountant, you can show people how to set up an automatic bank feed in Xero
  • Or maybe you’re a photographer and you can show people how to set up a flatlay
  • Maybe you sell planners and you want to show people how to plan out for the month ahead

Giving value through your content not only aids the entire buying cycle, but it shows your expertise to both your audience or potential buyers, but also to those who may wish to collaborate with you.
If there’s one thing I always say and it’s not to start throwing content out without a strategy. So make sure you know the purpose of your efforts first.
So, it’s always worthwhile to make sure you include valuable content in your content strategy.
3 ways to provide valuable content to your online audience