Repurposing content is the number 1 way to speed up your creation process, take the pressure off and stop yourself drowning in a crazy amount of content. But just how do you repurpose a blog post for social media? Well let me show you…

Pull out key information

Do you have statistics in there, or quotes that would make a great quote post for social media? Or maybe you have a series of tips you could make up into a carousel graphic for Instagram? You could pull out that key information from your blog post and use that as the visual for your social media post and in the caption ‘deep dive’ into more detail about that. You can even redirect people to the blog post for even more great information.

Make it visual

Blog posts are the swiss army of content, covering off SEO, funneling people through the buying cycle and helping you get discovered (to name but a few benefits), but at the end of the day it is text. Sure you can embed video & include photos, but sometimes a topic just needs brought to life a bit more.

Take a product round up post for example, where you are recommending the best studio lighting. Well how about an IGTV of you using that product, really showing why it was included in your round up… Again directing people to the blog post to find more amazing recommendations.

Deep dive

Go beyond what’s covered in the blog post to really hammer your point home. Why not Instagram or Facebook Live an expert in the field to discuss. Or if you have a large audience, get your followers to feedback on the Live or even join it themselves to give their valued opinion. Taking the conversation to the next level altogether.

There you have 3 easy ways to repurpose your blog post for social media. If you want to learn more about managing your blog content better, then check out ‘Blogging for Business’ a self study course to take your blogs from bland to putting you on the map.

3 ways to repurpose a blog post for social media