So, you’ve spent all that time crafting the perfect blog post, but you’ve got tumbleweed on the analytics and you just want someone (anyone) to read it.

Committing to writing blog posts, is a great decision to drive more visitors to your website. But don’t just sit back and wait months for the Google bots to rank your blog posts in the search results. Get that beauty out there!

Here’s my 5 recommendations to get instant eyes on your blog posts:

Social media

This might be an obvious one, but don’t just link drop and run… Write a compelling caption that entices your followers to click through, swipe up or read more. The one place that always gets overlooked when it comes to sharing on social media is the Instagram newsfeed.

You might not be able to link directly in the caption, but you can still direct people to the link in the bio (and if you’ve got under 10K followers, you’re pretty used to that by now anyway… So, no excuses!)

Email list

Another one that gets overlooked is the email list. Now you can go down the RSS feed route, whereby people receive an email every time you click publish. But it really depends on your niche and personal preference. If you’re putting out enough blog posts, then you may well decide to do a daily RSS feed of your blog posts.

I prefer the email newsletter route if you have less content. This works great if you blog weekly – monthly and you can link to latest posts with a simple excerpt.

5 Places you can share your blog posts for more traffic


Pinterest can be fantastic for web traffic! Make sure you take the time to put your content on there for people to find.

Spend time joining industry group boards that you can share your content to also. They act as a way to power up your pin and get instant eyes on your blog post.

5 Places you can share your blog posts for more traffic

Network Groups

If you’re part of Facebook or Linked In groups, share your blog post in there.  There are specialist groups for all sorts. So, whether you want to become an expert in your niche and join an industry group. Or maybe you want to hang out in a business location specific group, or those who could use your expertise… Groups are a great place to share blog posts.

Some groups don’t like link dropping, so you may have to wait for the opportunity to appear via a question before you can direct to your blog post for help.

Internal Links

Another important one! If you have related blog posts, which are already getting great traffic, then make sure you work in a link to another blog post that would be relevant, so you can get more than one bite of the cherry with that visit.

There you have it, 5 places you can share your blog post for increased web traffic.

If you need help working out your blogging strategy, check out my Blogging for Business course, where you can learn how to run a successful blog for your business.

5 Places you can share your blog posts for more traffic