We all know what it’s like when a post tanks on Instagram… It stings, right! But rather than run off and join a ‘like for like’ group, look a little closer to home and see if you can see why your posts aren’t getting the attention you desire.

In this blog I’m specifically talking about those captions. There are so many ways you can optimize your Instagram caption to help with your engagement. Here are my top 5:

Does your caption align with your image?

Is what your talking about in your caption related to the image in anyway? You should at least try to weave some of the visual aspects of your image into you caption, so that there’s a direct link there.

It just makes sense to the reader.

Is there a call to action?

You want people to take action from your content. Whether that’s commenting, visit your website or dropping you a DM.

Make sure every caption has a call to action, so people know what’s expected of them. You can expect them to comment if you haven’t asked them a question.

Try adding these today and in a month’s time you’ll be blown away!

Have you rambled AKA Fluff?

You might have more characters than Twitter, but you need to get right to the point. If there’s fluff in there, you can’t expect people to stick with you for the full caption.

It needs to be succinct and to the point!

Grabbing opener

Remember, in the feed people only see the first line, so make sure it really talks to you ideal audience. Note a problem that they can relate to. i.e Don’t you hate it when your Instagram posts tank?

All of a sudden they’ll be hitting ‘read more’ and reading the whole thing!

Emojis to draw the eye

Content consumption has changed… People are skimming like never before, so you need to make sure your caption is easy to digest.

Think return line spaces and using emojis to draw the eye to the important points you want to make. You don’t want anyone missing out on your great knowledge, just because of how it was structured!

So there you have it… What could you brush up on? Make sure you follow @contentclarity on Instagram for weekly tips on content marketing.

5 reasons your Insta Captions aren't working