Many people put off using video in their content marketing strategy because the skill gap when it comes to the editing. But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Let me share with you 5 simple video editing tools for your business, that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

iMovie/Windows Movie Maker

Whether you’re team Apple or team PC, they comes with a free video editing software. Better yet, both are totally free!  So why you wouldn’t you turn to them first, right?!

Once you understand the basics of trimming and piecing clips together, you’re laughing. You’ll be doing all sorts of cool things, like animated text in no time!

I do have to say you’ll outgrow Movie Maker, before you’ll outgrow iMovie. But don’t for one minute think you need to rush down to Apple and spend thousands on a Mac (you know I like to busy myths right!). Check out my next tool!

Adobe Premiere Elements

The big guns use Adobe Premiere Pro, but don’t jump straight into the deep end. Start off with Premiere Elements first. It’s a one off payment of around £80 (cheaper than a Mac!) and you really won’t need more than this.

This beauty has 2 editing views, inbuilt tutorials and templates. It really does hold your hand through those initial stages.



For editing on the go, or for those who are just using their phones, VivaVideo has it all.

Very user friendly and does everything you really need to edit video for social media. Including filters, text, music and layering one video on top of another (great for tutorials, or maybe you want to show a powerpoint slide)

Adobe Rush

Another mobile app, which is free with an option to upgrade is Adobe Rush. If you have an Adobe subscription, them you can sync your account, so you can editing on both mobile and desktop Premiere Pro.

Again you can do all the video basics you really need to quickly.



Now, if you’re doing video for social media, then subtitles are an absolute must. With 80% watching with the sound off, you really need to get your point across somehow.

Kapwing is great for adding subtitles to your finished video. Simple upload and use their auto transcribe tool to add your subtitles. You’ll want to sanity check these (especially is your accent is as thick as mine!)

This tool is free for videos up to 7 minutes in length.

kapwing video editing tool

There you have it, my 5 simple video tools for editing social media video for your business

5 Video editing tools for business