As a savvy business owner, you’re always looking for ways to boost your visibility online, but even more so at this time of year. But there’s some key fundamentals to remember when it comes to raising your profile online and the main one of those is how to boost your visibility online without the overwhelm? So just how can you get the balance right and avoid the hamster wheel?

1. Give great value

I’ll sound like a broken record, but you really need to stop worrying about giving too much away for free. Because if people really wanted to find it out for free, they can hit YouTube, so you might as well take the reins and let them find out from you.. capture their interest, with the view to it leading to a sale.

2. Be consistent

So many people think that showing up in more places, more often is the sure fired way to get more visibility. But if you’re just going to ‘post and ghost’ on a platform then, you’re not going to get anything extra from it.

The reality is that wee bit of extra time is better spent improving your consistency on a platform you enjoy and that you know your ideal audience are on.

By showing up consistently, your audience will get used to seeing you and you’ll be front of mind whilst they make their way through the buying cycle. Be there every step of the way!

3. Guest expert/blog/podcast

You can get great exposure to a whole new audience by appearing on like minded businesses live streams, blogs or podcasts. Start by talking to your business buddies, but once you’re comfortable, start to pitch to businesses or influencers you know have your target audience as their followers. This doesn’t always mean speaking to direct competitors… Look for complimentary businesses. i.e if you sell flowers, talk to an interior designer or vase maker.

This can work just as well having them on your platforms, because then they will share that link with their audience.

4. Investigate Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great web traffic driver for so many different businesses, yet it often gets missed out of marketing plans.

It’s part of a great SEO (search engine optimisation) plan… So, if you have a blog section, or ecommerce site, make sure you consider Pinterest when it comes to plans for driving traffic to your website. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!   

5. Build relationships & create a community

All of the other tips are about how you can get yourself out there more, but this one is about being so amazing that others shout about you from the roof tops! Make it easy for people to do that.

If you’ve hopped on a Zoom call with someone, tag them in a Story about it (they’ll likely share that). If they buy a product from you make sure your packaging is Insta worthy, include a postcard about using a hashtag (perhaps for a change to win a discount voucher). If you’re a service provider, make getting a testimonial, part of your offboarding process… Or add a graphic to share on social to say they’ve just joined your course, membership etc.

If you’re looking for ways to raise your online profile more and want to chat. Check out how you can work with me 1:1 (limited spaces) and I can help you get on the right track.

5 ways to increase visibility online