• 3 benefits of using Facebook ads

    You don’t need me to tell you the power of Facebook & Instagram ads. The 1.5 billion search results tell you that everyone knows just how amazing they are and wants to get onboard with them.

    I’ve been doing Facebook & Instagram ads since they started, not just for me, but for a large number of clients (big and small!). From product to service based… International to local. They can be seriously powerful when done correctly.

    If you’re reading this thinking “yeah, ok I get the hype… But just exactly why should I be doing FB ads?” Well then, let me just break down the benefits of Facebook ads for you.

    It’s measureable

    First up in this day and age, we have the power of real time stats at our finger tips. There’s no guess work involved with Facebook or Instagram campaigns. There’s no “we sold 1,000 newspapers, but we can’t be sure who saw your ad”. You can see who you’ve reached, who clicked and who converted to a sale. There are literally no ifs, buts or maybes involved.


    With over 2.5 billion active users in Q4 2019 (Facebook) and 1 billion (Instagram), they are the 2 most utilized social media platforms.

    When you couple the measuring factor, I’ve had campaigns where the cost per click has been £0.13

    If all you have is $5 per day, you can still see a return on your investment. I challenge you to find any other form of advertising for $5. Making it one of the most accessible forms of advertising out there.

    Great for new starts and small businesses.

    It works hard

    Many forms of advertising cast the net wide. Sure you can have ads out there that get initial awareness. Ads out there that tell people why they should buy from you and not your competitor. But you have very little control over who sees what when it comes to traditional marketing.

    With Facebook & Instagram ads, you can create a series of ads that are only seen by a very specific audience of people. Say you want people who looked at your sales page, but didn’t buy, to see a 10% code… You can do that. Say you wanted people who watched 75% of the video you posted on your page to see an advert for your free workshop… You can do that.

    You can read more about my favourite custom Facebook audiences here, but what I’m saying is, you are in full control of who sees what and when they see it. So you can then use your ads to nurture people through the sales process, rather than just cast the net and say “buy my stuff”. Pretty fricking cool huh!

    So what do you think?  Are you ready to take the plunge with Facebook & Instagram ads?

    If so, then check out Amplify with Ads… My Facebook & Instagram ads guided programme, to help you set up my Facebook ads funnel system in your business. Find out more about Amplify with Ads here.

    3 Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • The must have Facebook custom audiences

    Scratch the surface on Facebook Ads Manager and there are a whole host of targeting possibilities to supercharge your performance. I wanted to share with you my must have custom audiences for kick ass results on Facebook & Instagram.

    Abandoned baskets

    Retargeting people who went to your checkout page or added something to their basket and didn’t check out is one of the hottest custom audiences you can create on Facebook Ads Manager. Without a doubt they are the most likely to convert to sales when served the right ads.

    At this stage, consider testimonial led ads, or even a discount code to get them over the line.

    Buyer lookalike

    Another favourite of mine and one which I’ve seen perform just as well as abandoned baskets is buyer lookalike.

    You’ve got to put your trust in the Facebook gods a little for this one, but again when served the right ad, this audience is like a supercharged action taking bunch.

    This audience is great for your low cost, onboarding type offerings that will get them buying into you and your business.

    Content engagers

    This one is great to target your super fans. People who have commented on a specific post on Facebook or Instagram.

    So, let’s say you ran a competition post, where the enter method was to comment on a post.

    You can then target these people after the competition closed with a 20% off code for the service you were giving away. They may not have won, but they were certainly interested in winning your service. Or again deliver your entry level service (ebook, masterclass) to get them into your buying cycle.

    Video watchers

    Another favourite of mine if people who have watched a certain length of a video you’ve used in a previous ad.

    Let’s face it, if someone only watches say 3 seconds… Chances are they’re not that interested. But, if they’ve watched 75% or more, then you know they must be pretty serious.

    Make sure you exclude people who bought recently, to avoid serving ads to someone who took action and bought from the video ad.

    Customer file

    If you have permission (check your GDPR or country specific requirements on this one) you can upload email addresses from you newsletter list.

    Think about it… You have an email sequence currently going out promoting your new service. You can support it with serving these people with the same message on Facebook or Instagram. Nice belt & braces approach and helping you get around those pesky open rates.

    For this one, think about serving them with testimonial types ads, to help get them over the line.

    If you want to create a kick ass Facebook ads campaign and grow your lead, email lists and sales, then check out Amplify with Ads, my Facebook Ads programme where you will learn and create your own successful ads funnel.

    The must have Facebook custom audiences

  • 3 reasons why your Facebook ad didn’t work

    Have you ever run a Facebook ad campaign and asked yourself ‘why isn’t my Facebook ad converting?’

    Facebook ads can be the most powerful growth tool for your business. Allowing insane targeting abilities. But, it can leave you screaming at the screen… In this post I’ll cover off some of the most common reasons why your Facebook ads didn’t work in the past.

    Your ads aren’t relevant to your audience

    Did you check your ad relevance score in ads manager? Your ad performance will be ranked 1-10 based on user behavior. Things like did they engage or did they hide the ad.

    If you have a low score, then that is something that you can look to improve upon.

    Use the split test function to try different creative images, or captions next time to see which performs best.

    Your targeting was too wide

    Most people are used to setting up ads based on location, age, gender. But beyond that they get a little sketchy. You need to really know you audience.

    Think where they shop, what they’re into… i.e do you teach yoga? Well your audience may well shop at Fabletics and be into mindset practice.

    Get particular about who you target. It’s not all about reaching as many people as possible, but a good number of the right people.

    The objective was wrong

    There are many was to set up your ad, but you need to know what you’re trying to achieve from it first.

    I always recommend having a series of ads set up, this way you can first off run an awareness campaign, then look to drive traffic to a web page, before finally looking to run a conversion campaign.

    People often run one without the other and then wonder why they aren’t getting the conversion. You have to think about your ads in tandem, as a journey.

    If you’ve had trouble with your Facebook ads in the past, don’t give up. Look at it through a fresh pair of eyes.

    You can get all the skills you need to set up a successful Facebook ads funnel through my Amplify with Ads Programme, where people have gotten back 10X their ROI.

    3 reasons your Facebook ad didn't work

  • 3 great ways to use Facebook or Instagram ads

    If you’re only experience of Facebook or Instagram ads is the ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ button, then buckle in… Because I’m going to blow your mind with these potential uses of social media ads that will skyrocket your business growth.

    Targeting web visitors

    Yeah, you heard me right… You can add something called a pixel to your website to create audiences based on browsing behavior. Just think about serving a nice explainer video or testimonial video to someone who visited your service or sales pages. The results will be far more powerful than targeting a cold audience who don’t know you exist yet.

    Take this to the next level and you can retarget people who visited the checkout but didn’t buy. Imagine serving them with a free delivery or 10% off code on Facebook… That should help them get over the line.

    Grow your email list

    We all know the power of an email list… You own it, it’s not going anywhere, and no changing algorithms are going to pop up and kill your reach overnight. So, if it’s not already high up on your content priority list, then ‘what are you doing?’

    Ads are great way to get email sign ups. Offer a great free or low price resource… An e-book, video masterclass, webinar, which they can access immediately in return for their email address.

    You can be growing your email list whilst you sleep!

    Target lookalikes of existing customers

    This one is always overlooked… But imagine you have created a custom audience of people who have successfully bought your service. You can create a lookalike audience of buyers to serve your ads to.

    Facebook will use several parameters to show your ads to people most like your existing customers.

    So next time you see the ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ button, just stop and think how you could target a warmer audience… One that has a higher chance of enquiring or buying from you.

    You can up your Facebook ad targeting in my Amplify with Ads programme, where I let you into my 3 step FAS funnel to get 10X your ROI.

    3 great ways to use facebook or instagram ads

  • 3 ways to make the most of your content

    To stop you from going content crazy, I wanted to go through 3 ways you can repurpose your content. That way you get the most out of every piece of content, as well as maximise your time (because we all know running a business commands a lot of attention!)

    The first golden rule of content creation is to repurpose… Most businesses make the art of creating content sooooooo much harder for themselves by trying to come up with shiny brand new content every day and for each platform they’re on… That’s what I call churn out, burn out!

    Cross pollinate your content

    You’ve spent the time creating the content… You want it to be seen!
    Make sure you upload it across all your platforms. If you have uploaded a video to YouTube, then make sure you also directly upload it to IGTV, share it for your Instagram feed… Directly upload to Facebook.
    That way your content is being seen by as many eyes as possible!

    Reuse your content

    Most people think, oh well I posted about ‘3 ways to repurpose content’ 7 month’s ago on my blog… I can’t EVER talk about that again on any platform… Wrong!

    Most topics in your business will be evergreen (meaning they aren’t time sensitive) or at the very least, seasonal. I like to keep a list of season and evergreen content. Which I can then pull from.

    Obviously be sensitive to the platform. You wouldn’t blog the same post twice on your blog (although read on as I talk about repurposing), but on social media. You can certainly roll around a seasonal video or blog post to link to.

    Give it a make over

    Ask yourself… If Disney can remake Mary Poppins, then can I remake my blog post (Hell yeah!)

    i.e ‘3 ways to repurpose your content’ blog post, 6 months from now could be ‘How to avoid content churn out’.

    I’m not saying to copy and paste word for word. But it’s far easier to start with a prewritten piece and give it a rewrite than it is to start from scratch.

    So there you have it! 3 ways to repurpose your content and make sure you get the most out of each and every post!

    3 Ways to make the most of your content

  • How to be confident in your content

    Showing up on social media is something that many entrepreneurs just can’t face. If that’s you, that’s ok! Because I’m here to help make sure that you work towards being able to show up regularly and consistently on social media.

    Confidence is something that I’ve always struggled with from a young age. Always the quiet one in the class. Would never put my hand up, or chip in with a discussion.

    So, getting comfortable enough to show up on social media was something that took A LOT of practice!

    What if no one likes me?

    When it comes to showing up on your business social media Vs your personal social media. Ironically, I found it more difficult to show up on my business socials. Purely because there was a tangible result attached to ‘putting myself out there’. I can deal with someone not liking me on my personal feed, but IF they don’t like me on my business feed, then they won’t buy from me.

    The first rule to remember here is that not everyone is going to want to buy from you… And that’s ok! That’s why there are thousands of different coffee shops… Everyone’s wants, needs, desires and tastes are different. Afterall that’s why you set up in business in the first place… Because you identified a gap in the market.

    Confidence through practice

    The second thing to remember is that confidence is built from practice and results. So ‘waiting’ to feel confident is the wrong thing to do here.

    Start small… There are so many different platforms and tools out there to ease yourself in.

    Begin with just a static photo of yourself on your social feed. Make sure that you write something that evokes a response. So, try introducing yourself in the caption and invite your followers to do the same in the comments.

    Not only are you practicing here, but the response acts as a result. A positive connection to putting yourself out there.

    Next try showing up on Stories… Talk for 30-60 secs about what your biggest business passion is. Again, evoke a response. Use the poll or question features to continue building that positive result connection.

    If you feel you need to, jot it down in a journal. Taking note of all the positive and encouraging encounters when you showed up on your social media will act as the proof your brain needs to dampen that initial fear and before you know it, you’ll be growing more and more comfortable with putting your personality and in return passion into your businesses social media content.

    How to be confident in your content