5 Powerful benefits of blogging for your service-based business

A business blog is one of my favourite forms of content marketing. It’s easy, it’s cost effective but best of all it’s actually a little swiss army knife of content marketing.

If it’s not something you’ve yet tried for your service based business, then listen up as I tell you the 5 powerful benefits of blogging for your business.

1. It builds trust

Now you’ll have heard all about the importance of building the know, like and trust factor to ensure that your audience has confidence in you and your company’s abilities.

Not only does blogging allow you to show up regularly as an expert in your niche, but share a great cross network of posts allowing them to build a deep bond and connection with you.

2. It’s a multi tasker

Now the reason I say blogging is the swiss army knife of content marketing is because it’s a multitasker.

Done right, your posts can bring traffic to your website through the search engines. Helping you reach a new audience.

It also warms up your audience for you on auto pilot, because as your audience moves through the buying process they’ll need reassurance and answers to various different questions to help them come to the decision to buy from you.

Devise a great content strategy that ensures your blog posts cover all the bases and your blog posts are doing this for you whilst you sleep… Thank you blog posts!

3. They can grow your email list

5 Powerful benefits of blogging for your service based business - 1

If you’re looking to grow your email list, a blog post is a great place to give a potential subscriber a taste of what they can expect from you if they sign up.

Write blog posts sharing tips and tutorials and you’ve just given someone a great reason to join your list and get the inside scoop on a more regular basis.

4. They’re there for the foreseeable

Blog posts are a great long term content marketing strategy. You’re constantly building up a network of entry points to your website and business.

A growing number of doors, allowing more and more people into your website, to find out about your company and services.

5. It adds value

Everyone loves something for nothing… Blogging allows you to give on auto pilot for years to come.

Compare it to an Instagram live for a minute. All the research, the preparation that goes into it. Then it’s gone in 24hrs, never to be seen again (don’t get me wrong, they have their place!) But you put that same time and effort into a blog post and it’s there adding value forever more.

PLUS weave in a call to action in there and it’s taking the guess work out of who’s interested.

So what do you say? Are you reaching for the notepad?

If you’re new to blogging for your business and you don’t know where to start, then check out my ‘Blogging for Business course to make sure that your blog posts are supercharged when they out and packing the best possible punch now and for years to come!

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