5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Stories

If you haven’t used Instagram Stories before for your business… Definitely jump on this bandwagon!

It is huge right now and continues to be so.

When it comes to Stories the potential uses, it’s like a swiss army knife… Making it an absolute must for every business… And here’s why:

1. Use Stories to learn more about your audience

Instagram Stories is a great way to get instant feedback from your audience.

Say you want to find out more information about your followers, use the Poll or question features to get that all important golden feedback about your audience 

Struggling to think how much to charge for a service, or package up a product… Go straight to source for a quick answer!

2. Use it to reach a new audience

Stories might only last 24hrs (forever, if you save them to a highlight), but they are discoverable through hashtags and locations, as well as allowing you to tag other accounts (which allows them to reshare to their Stories… Hello new audience!)

So if growing your reach, or targeting a new demographic, is on your list of goals… Box ticked!

3. It drives traffic to your website

5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Stories - 2

Ok, so you’ve got to have over 10K followers to get the direct ‘swipe up’ feature from Stories (at the moment), but you can still use a cute ‘link in bio’ graphic to direct people to your latest blog post, or newest offering.

It’s also worth noting that you can ‘swipe up’ to IGTV uploads regardless of follower count and if you run ads, it will also ‘swipe up’ as standard.

4. Stay front of you audiences mind

One of the HUGE benefits of content is to help you stay at the front of your audiences mind. With an online following, you can’t always know what buying stage everyone is at. So Stories is a great way to pop up daily, without the high production time factor or cost.

5. There’s more than 300 million accounts viewing Stories

So last up, let’s talk statistics… According to Instagram’s own internal data, one third of the most watched Stories comes from businesses. With 1 in 5 Stories receiving a direct message from its viewers.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why every business should be on Stories!

Ready to give it a go? If you’re struggling with your strategy for content planning, then check out my 1:1 services, or online self study courses.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Stories
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