5 Places to Find FREE Images


You don’t have to be taking images for every social media post. I’ll show you 5 places to find FREE stock images you can use in your content on social media and your blog (in fact I’m using stock image in this post just to prove that stock image aren’t a dead giveaway) so that you can take the pressure off of coming up with it all yourself.

People often think they can ‘right click, save as’ on any image on the internet and that is a common mistake. Even if you know it’s a stock image, you must always go to the source and download it properly, to avoid getting caught up in any copyright battles. But don’t fret, because I’m going to share 5 places where you can find FREE stock images that won’t land you in any bother.


This one is my absolute favourite. The shots on Unsplash are so creative and really don’t look like stock shots at all! If you’re looking for industry specific shots, you might not find them here, but for more general shots, you’re well served here. Flatlays on here are AMAZING!

5 Places To Find Free Images Online


Very similar style of imagery to Unsplash. Pexels has really beautiful and creative shots taken by some very skilled photographers worldwide, that will work well on both social media and even on your web pages.


Another favourite of mine, Pixabay also has illustrations that are free to use. Illustrations can sometime be a great addition to seasonal content and social media posts.


StockSnap is great for generalized photography, such as flowers, sky etc. Not as cinematic as the others, but still great stock photography for blog posts or even promotional material.

5 Places To Find Free Images Online


StockVault is ShutterStocks free sister site, so they have a range of both images and illustrations to use for free. They do show ‘premium images’ in the results which you will need to pay for, but there is still a great number of images to choose from that are free to use.

So, there you go… 5 places to find great & FREE stock images to use in your blog or social media posts.

5 Places To Find Images Online
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