Content marketing isn’t just a buzz word… Nope. Done correctly and you can scale and soar your business. But the ones mistake most businesses make is they just dive right in and start posting on social media, blogging or TikToking with no real aim. Then 3 months later wonder if the efforts got any sales.

It’s super important that you start at the beginning when it comes to content marketing in order to see results and here’s how you can align your content to your goals:

Set some goals

Yep… You can’t align your content to goals if you don’t set yourself some goals first. But Don’t just pluck out the obvious “drive traffic”, or “sell more”. Get real specific about it and make those goals SMART.

I’m talking goals like “increase traffic to our website by 20% in 30 days” Because that’s where you can start to ask yourself the question “how can my content support this?”

Understand your metrics

You need to know where and how to measure your goals. Otherwise how do you know if your content is doing what you hoped it should? It might sound obvious, but so many businesses get metric blinkered and don’t know where to find the useful information.  

Cover the bases

You need to remember your audience is made up of people at different stages of the buying cycle and so the content you plan out will need to aid people at each of those stages to get the best conversion. So people at the early stages may need more contact, or detailed information. Make sure whatever the content, to allow for this. i.e see how I linked back to the buying cycle blog post. Because there will be people who are reading this who haven’t covered that yet.

So just keep that in mind and build a well rounded plan.

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How to align your content with your goals