How to avoid FOMO in business

Being a business owner means wearing all the hats, so the last thing you need is to add to your list of things to do thanks to business FOMO.

What do I mean by business FOMO?

Business FOMO is when you’re casually running your day to day business errands, posting on social media… Doing some engagement or research on your content and then BAM you all of a sudden see that someone is doing a podcast, workshop or even offering a new service and you immediately think “I should do that”. And before you know it you’ve ordered a microphone on Amazon and you’re huddle in your closet (cause that’s where you get better sound!) There’s another plate to spin each week!

The downside of business FOMO is that it can seriously take you off your beaten track. Before you know it 3 mths have gone by and instead of working on that 1 thing you really wanted to do, you’ve hacked together a service offering that you didn’t even want and is doing nothing for you.

So how can you stay on track and avoid FOMO in business?

1. Set goals

It might seem like an obvious one, but if you’re not setting goals and objectives for your business then it’s only natural you’re going to be attracted to all the shiny things going on around you.

But don’t freak out… I know if you’ve not done goal setting before, it can seem daunting. But just think:

– Where do you want your business to be 3 mths from now?
– What can I put in place to make the above happen?
– How can my content help me work towards that?

Then next time you see something ‘shiny’ ask yourself ‘is that going to help me achieve my goals?’ If the answer is no… Step away!

2. Limit your browsing time

If you’re finding it really hard to resist, then limit your screen time for 30 days.

Have 30 days of running your business WITHOUT looking at what everyone else is up to and see the power of your own decision making and really working towards those goals on your own steam.

3. Trust yourself

Ok, so I’m going to get a little bit emotional here, but you need to ask yourself ‘why’ you’re so attracted to what others are doing in their business?

Do you not trust you’re doing it ‘right’?

If so, the beauty of the above 2 steps is that you will gain that confidence that you are growing your business and that you are capable of doing this at your pace.

Dig deep and try to work out what is sparking the feelings of FOMO and do some mindset work around overcoming that.

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