Showing up on social media is something that many entrepreneurs just can’t face. If that’s you, that’s ok! Because I’m here to help make sure that you work towards being able to show up regularly and consistently on social media.

Confidence is something that I’ve always struggled with from a young age. Always the quiet one in the class. Would never put my hand up, or chip in with a discussion.

So, getting comfortable enough to show up on social media was something that took A LOT of practice!

What if no one likes me?

When it comes to showing up on your business social media Vs your personal social media. Ironically, I found it more difficult to show up on my business socials. Purely because there was a tangible result attached to ‘putting myself out there’. I can deal with someone not liking me on my personal feed, but IF they don’t like me on my business feed, then they won’t buy from me.

The first rule to remember here is that not everyone is going to want to buy from you… And that’s ok! That’s why there are thousands of different coffee shops… Everyone’s wants, needs, desires and tastes are different. Afterall that’s why you set up in business in the first place… Because you identified a gap in the market.

Confidence through practice

The second thing to remember is that confidence is built from practice and results. So ‘waiting’ to feel confident is the wrong thing to do here.

Start small… There are so many different platforms and tools out there to ease yourself in.

Begin with just a static photo of yourself on your social feed. Make sure that you write something that evokes a response. So, try introducing yourself in the caption and invite your followers to do the same in the comments.

Not only are you practicing here, but the response acts as a result. A positive connection to putting yourself out there.

Next try showing up on Stories… Talk for 30-60 secs about what your biggest business passion is. Again, evoke a response. Use the poll or question features to continue building that positive result connection.

If you feel you need to, jot it down in a journal. Taking note of all the positive and encouraging encounters when you showed up on your social media will act as the proof your brain needs to dampen that initial fear and before you know it, you’ll be growing more and more comfortable with putting your personality and in return passion into your businesses social media content.

How to be confident in your content