When it comes to devising a content strategy, many business owners set a goal of becoming the expert in their niche.

Being seen as the expert not only elevates your business brand, making your potential clients say ‘yes’ to buying from you quicker. But it also opens up the doors to some amazing opportunities to help you further promote your business. Think opportunities like podcast interviews, presenting at industry events or being asked for quotes or features in industry magazines.

So, you see… It’s always worth considering this when you are planning out your content.

But you might be thinking, yeah but HOW do I become the go to expert in my niche? Well read on…

Provide valuable content

Ditch the ‘buy my thing’ content and start offering valuable content to your audience. Think about the common questions and objections you often get. How you can go that little bit extra at helping and supporting your audience at how best to implement your products and services into their business and/or life.

Things like demonstrations, tutorials ‘tip Tuesday’s’ all go really far at providing value.

If you’re unsure about how to find out what content your audience would find valuable, then survey them, or poll on Stories (you can even hop on a Zoom call) and ask them!

Consistently showing up

It might seem obvious, but often people struggle with this one… Showing up consistently online with that all important valuable content, via social media, podcasts, YouTube videos… Means that you are building up that ‘go to expert’ status far quicker. You’re always front of mind and you’ll be seen as the person for XYZ in no time!

Be mindful that it doesn’t just take 1 post to magically become the expert. You need to set a frequency commitment to show up for at least 3 months before you will see the impact. So whatever frequency you can manage i.e blog twice a month, post 3 times a week on Insta feed, 3 Insta Reels and on Stories every other day… This is why I always say start by focusing on 1 social media platform and 1 long form content (blog, podcast, YouTube).

Once your content is working and your business is scaling, then you can add more in, because you’ll have the budget then to outsource of hire people to help you manage it!

Pitch to people!

The extended opportunities like presentations, podcast interview and magazine features are a bit like rolling a snowball down a hill. The more you’re out there doing these things, the more you’ll get approached about doing them. So you have to start that ball rolling! Don’t be afraid to go out there and pitch yourself for podcast interviews and presentations (or outsource to a PR specialist to do it for you) There’s so many opportunities and if you’ve been consistently providing valuable content online for them to see, that’s only going to help your cause. You can sign post YouTube videos, or other interviews as well as direct them to your socials to show just how valuable you are as an expert.

Give it all a go and see how you on. If you’re looking to plan consistent content for 12weeks to help you become the go to expert, check out my Quarterly workshop ‘Supercharge your Content’. A half day virtual planning session so that you can set your goals and plan content that will support you.

How to become the go to expert in your niche | Content Clarity | When it comes to devising a content strategy, many business owners set a goal of becoming the expert in their niche.