As a sole business owner, it can feel like you have to do it all. But what if I told you you could automate some of your sales process… Your ears would prick up, right!

Through clever content planning, you can have your content out there doing a lot of the sales work for you. 

First up, make sure you have a discoverable content type in your toolbox

That’s a blog, podcast, or YouTube/IGTV. These content types are discoverable. My favourites are blogs and YouTube videos, because they can be found on Google… And where does everyone go when they want to solve a problem… Google! (Yes, I know people can discover your podcast show and episodes on Google, but Google can’t listen to your episode. Which is why I’d always recommend transcribing your podcast into a blog post and including a link to listen.)

Make sure you plan ‘help’ content

Help content is what’s going to get you discovered. It’s the content that people are searching for that doesn’t really date. So, say you’re a wedding planner, you could write a blog on how to budget for your big day. That will always be relevant! Even this blog post is ‘help’ content.

The more ‘help’ content you put out there in a discoverable way, the more paths you create for people to find you and your products or services.

So now that content is out there helping people discover you on repeat (even whilst you sleep!)

Here’s where you take it to the next level

So, we all know the art of selling isn’t all about people knowing you exist. It’s about showing that you really know what you’re selling. It’s telling people why they need to buy what you’re selling and that what you’re selling is trusted & proven.

With that in mind, you’re also going to want to cover this ground too. Back to the wedding planner example… That’s an industry podcast interview (showing how respected you are), that’s a testimonial piece on someone’s big day (showing your expertise and social proof).

Yes, this process can take month’s to build up (if you write, film or record once a week) But realistically we’re talking an hour a week, which over the space of a year REALLY fills out and covers a lot of ground in your business. By that point, it’s not just you anymore… You’ve created an entire sales army.

Out there helping you get discovered and driving traffic to your website. Educating and warming people up to you as a business, so that when they enquire, they are toasty warm, if not HOT and ready to buy from you.

You can find out more about how to use blogging as your discoverable content type in my ‘Blogging for Business’ course. Where I show you everything from finding content ideas in your business, how to structure a blog post to be discovered by Google and how to cover all the bases on the sales process so you get toasty warm leads.

How to create content that sells on auto pilot