You’re no doubt reading this because right now you’re wondering how to grow your social media accounts. Right now it probably feels like you’re climbing a mountain and you’re never going to reach the top.

When it comes to growing your social media accounts, there are short cuts, or there’s good old fashioned hard work.

First up I’ll start by saying the only way to sustainably grow your account, and reap the rewards, lead and sales is organically. So let’s just send all the cheat options such as buying followers and follow for follow to the scrap pile. They just damage your account standing.

There’s very little point as a business in having followers that don’t convert. It’s purely a vanity metrics. If I tell you I know many solopreneurs and business owners who have around 2k followers and make 6 figures a year… followers alone don’t equal success.

I will however tell you how to grow an engaged sustainable following that will convert though.

Be Honest

Be you! Don’t try to be like your competitor, or an influencer you follow… Just put yourself out there! Ok, I know that’s easier said than done, but you need to get comfortable with putting yourself out there and I can assure you when you do, and you get that amazing feedback, that will just help build your confidence even further. So start that momentum!

Be Bold

The chance for extraordinary growth don’t stem from playing it safe. Don’t be afraid to step up, be bold, take a risk and do something a little bit ‘out there’.

Also, don’t get bummed by one post failing. Growing on social media is like riding a bike… If you fall off, you gotta get up and keep going!


Don’t just post and run… Engage with you audience! Not only do the algorithms really like that, but that connection, that relationship is what makes people turn from just a follower into a buyer… Even into a super fan who shares your content to their audience and helping you reach more people.

There really is no quick fix to growing an engaged audience. But the time invested will pay off way more than the feeling of having 100 likes by mates on your latest post.

How to get more social media followers