Overthinking your content creation and planning process is a total buzz kill. It’ll cloud your judgement, productivity and clarity. But don’t worry, cause you got me! I’m here to help give you some pointers on how you can kick that overthinking to the kerb and get straight.

Step back and plan

It might seem obvious but forget about how long it’s been since you last posted. Instead just focus on drawing up an outline of how often you intend to post starting next week and start to fill in those blanks.

A content commitment and a plan will go a long way to giving you a clear direction.

Focus over fancy

It’s easy to compare yourself to someone who has been either doing it longer, or who has a more advanced set of skills and think “I want to create content that takes 5 hours to photoshop”. The reality is, there are social media profiles out there who are knocking it out the park without anything more than their niche knowledge and selfies. There are account knocking it out the park who just repost quotes. Yeah we all have an urge to create something banging. But you focus too much on that and you could miss out on loads of opportunities.

Instead just makes sure that the content you put out serves a purpose, to either attract, nurture or sell… Keep your eyes on your goals at all times.

Done is better than perfect

Ok, so stick with me here. I’m not saying just post any old content. But what I am saying is you have to resist the urge to over perfect. This stems back to the previous point. It’s easy to tell yourself that you need all this equipment, or you need to look a certain way before you start doing video… No, no, no. You need to notice when these little doubts come creeping, because if you can find 1 example of someone who’s creating content successfully with their mobile phone, grey roots, in their kitchen… Well you just debunked your doubt. So do it anyway!

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How to stop overthinking your content