5 Ways to make your mobile videos look professional

Video marketing is HUGE right now! If you’re not already using video, you’re probably thinking about it and wondering where to start. But let me tell you from the get-go, you don’t need to be spending a fortune on your social media videos and let me tell you why…

If you’re a small business, chances are your marketing budget is already precious, but even if you’re a huge company and have an equally huge budget, you can create social media video quickly without dedicating a huge portion of your budget to it. Social media video are typically used once, so You’ll want to save that budget for a TV commercial or a video you might use at an exhibition or on your website home page.

When it comes to video people often think that they need to rush out and buy a £4,000 camera, with lenses and sound & lighting that Saturday Night Live would be proud of… This just is not the case! I’ll share 5 ways you can make your mobile videos look professional.

5 Ways to make your mobile videos look professional 1

It’s all in the settings

These days the cameras on mobile phones are insane. Just make sure you crank them up to their best setting and you have everything you need. Most modern phones allow you to film in 60FPS (frames per second) which is the same as most entry level and even some professional cameras.

Kill the shakes

The one thing that will make your video look like it’s shot on a mobile is if someone is holding it for you. No matter how steady their hand is, you can guarantee there’s going to be a very distracting wobble.

You can get mini tripods on Amazon for £15 or even full size for £20… Just make sure yours comes with a phone holder compatible with your phone’s width. To get that stable shot.

What did they say?!

The next mobile phone giveaway is the sound quality… Especially when you’re outside and you have the lovely distracting wind noise. An easy fix is a lapel mic. Again, you can pick these up for a few pounds on Amazon and the difference with be worth every penny.

The wrong way round

Another common mistake with mobile phones is setting it up wrong. You need to remember, portrait for stories and landscape for anything else.

Start & End logo

Grab yourself an animated logo gig from Fiverr and use this at the start & end of your videos to really look like a pro. Even have them add your website address or a ‘see you next week’ on the end animation to direct viewers to your site.

So, there you have it, 5 ways to make professional videos using your mobile phone.
If you give any of these a go, tag me on social to let me see… Good luck!

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