One of the most common complaints I get from clients is not being able master consistent content creation for their social media or blogs. It just takes a busy day or week and you quickly fall into ‘panic post’ mode and just throw up anything just to keep up a presence. But that is actually really damaging to your accounts over time and so I would always advise to ditch the panic posting habit.  

Content planning and creation doesn’t have to be something you dread each day. With these 5 easy to implement tips, you can take the pressure of posting on social media or your blog. 

Use a content calendar

There’s no special scientific rule when it comes to kicking the panic posting habit, you’re better to spend a few days, even a week off social media or your blog and use that time to put a content calendar in place. I always recommend that you get 1 month ahead on your social channels and/or blog. Then it’s just a case of sitting down once or twice a month to plan the next month… Completely manageable. 

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Create a regular series for consistent content creation

One way to lessen the content creation load is to come up with a regular, quick & easy, series. Such as Tip Tuesday, or Testimonial Thursday… Those are fairly generic but use your imagination. i.e say you’re a hairdresser, you could demonstrate an easy updo every Wednesday for example. If you’re reading this and you are a hairdresser, you might already be thinking, you could use all 3 of those examples… In which case, that’s great! You now have a great foundation already for next month’s content! 

Repurpose content

Yes, I really did say that! I’m not saying post the same Instagram caption every day, however, take this blog post as an example. I have 5 tips in here, each of which could be its own social media post. I could also do an entire YouTube video about series content even. More on how to get the most out of repurposing your content here.

Seasonal content is certainly something you can repurpose each year. If you have made seasonal YouTube videos or written seasonal blog posts, those certainly can be the backbone to your social media calendar for that month, taking the pressure off you again. 

Batching content

If you’re not already batching your content, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!  

With your calendar in place you know all the images you need, or all the captions you need to write, or the sit down videos you need to shoot. Write, snap or film them in one sitting.  

This is more much more productive, not to mention, once you’re in the zone, you’ll find you get through them a lot quicker. Especially if you’re filming and you have equipment to set up. 

Create content that’s quick

Look at the type of content you’re creating… Is it a blog, video, photo led? Are there any apps you can use to make it quicker? Mobile phones and tablets are making content creation easier every day. Before you may have needed to fire up your computer and sit in front of Photoshop for an hour, now there’s likely to be an app for that. So, if you can streamline the process, do it! 

Now you’re all set to master consistent content creation. Make sure you let me know how you get on!