A question I get asked all the time is “when should I add another social media platform?” With so many social media platforms out there, it can be hard to know what are the right ones for your business.

I always recommend focusing on starting with 2 and growing them first before you even think about adding another. But how do you know when to add one?

Are you already getting great engagement?

Is the content you’re posting on your existing platforms getting great engagement, results & even sales? If the answer is yes, then I’d say you’re ready to consider adding another platform to your repertoire. But don’t go rushing to TikTok just yet!

Do you have the time?

It might sound obvious… But what would adding another social media platform mean in terms of the content creation process?

Would you need fresh content? Or could you repurpose content you’re already creating? Or better yet, is it a case of straight up cross posting?

Remember, it’s not just about posting and running. You need to be active on each platform you intend to grow on. So if you’re going to start uploading your YouTube videos direct to LinkedIn, you’d better make sure you intend to build an audience on their, otherwise the time it took you to resize, add subtitles etc could be better spent elsewhere.

Does it align with your audience?

If you’re already reaching your audience on the platforms you’re on. You need to ask yourself if you would reach any new audience of interest on another social media platform. Each platform has its own time commitments and you need to make sure you don’t over commit to the point it effects your success on existing platforms.

It’s important not to spread yourself too thinly!

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Signs you're ready to add another social media platform