Scratch the surface on Facebook Ads Manager and there are a whole host of targeting possibilities to supercharge your performance. I wanted to share with you my must have custom audiences for kick ass results on Facebook & Instagram.

Abandoned baskets

Retargeting people who went to your checkout page or added something to their basket and didn’t check out is one of the hottest custom audiences you can create on Facebook Ads Manager. Without a doubt they are the most likely to convert to sales when served the right ads.

At this stage, consider testimonial led ads, or even a discount code to get them over the line.

Buyer lookalike

Another favourite of mine and one which I’ve seen perform just as well as abandoned baskets is buyer lookalike.

You’ve got to put your trust in the Facebook gods a little for this one, but again when served the right ad, this audience is like a supercharged action taking bunch.

This audience is great for your low cost, onboarding type offerings that will get them buying into you and your business.

Content engagers

This one is great to target your super fans. People who have commented on a specific post on Facebook or Instagram.

So, let’s say you ran a competition post, where the enter method was to comment on a post.

You can then target these people after the competition closed with a 20% off code for the service you were giving away. They may not have won, but they were certainly interested in winning your service. Or again deliver your entry level service (ebook, masterclass) to get them into your buying cycle.

Video watchers

Another favourite of mine if people who have watched a certain length of a video you’ve used in a previous ad.

Let’s face it, if someone only watches say 3 seconds… Chances are they’re not that interested. But, if they’ve watched 75% or more, then you know they must be pretty serious.

Make sure you exclude people who bought recently, to avoid serving ads to someone who took action and bought from the video ad.

Customer file

If you have permission (check your GDPR or country specific requirements on this one) you can upload email addresses from you newsletter list.

Think about it… You have an email sequence currently going out promoting your new service. You can support it with serving these people with the same message on Facebook or Instagram. Nice belt & braces approach and helping you get around those pesky open rates.

For this one, think about serving them with testimonial types ads, to help get them over the line.

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The must have Facebook custom audiences