Time Saving Content Tips

We all want to be doing ‘ALL’ the social platforms, ‘ALL’ the content types (Podcast, Blogs, Videos) but we only have one pair of hands and 24 hrs in a day… How is it possible? Well don’t worry, because with my time saving content tips, you can do more than you think.

We all know that content is our biggest friend… That little mini sales ambassador, giving its all whilst we crack on with the accounts (we thank you for it little content guy!)

But we don’t have to struggle with our content creation, it can be simple, streamlined and a complete doddle, once we get to know it.

So in order to help you ‘tame the beast’ here’s my top 3 tips to save you time with your content creation:

Repurpose your video

Time Saving Content Tips

So many people use ‘only’ YouTube, or ‘only’ IGTV… Use them both! Making a video is time consuming, so record it once, edit it once and then right before you upload it to IGTV, rotate it to make it vertical. Then when people watch, they can rotate their phone and watch your YouTube video in full landscape glory right there on IGTV.

Another benefit of this… Not only are you reaching those who only follow you on IG, but the platform will love you back for using more of their features AND if you have under 10K followers, IG will still let you ‘Swipe up’ on stories to IGTV and they will also let you post the initial 60 secs in your feed!

Better yet, why not lift the audio from the video and create a podcast from it?! (Obviously this wouldn’t work for tutorials and you’d need to bear this in mind when you record it).

So now that’s 1 video being shown on YouTube, IGTV, Stories and your feed (cross post to your FB Page and you get extra points) and potentially a podcast too!

Narrow your focus

Time Saving Content Tips

If you’re creating completely unique content for each platform… Listen up!

Why don’t you give your brain a rest and instead of trying to think of 5 or 6 different content topics each week, set yourself just 1 topic (hear me out).

So this blog post is ‘time saving tips’ where I share 3. That’s 3 different social media posts (1 for each tip) BUT I also have a newsletter to go out, so I could write all about my social media planning system that I use (more about that here).

Then on stories, I can show people how to repurpose their YouTube video for IGTV (and even add a cute graphic that invites people to rotate the video).

On LIVE I can show people how I plan my content for the month ahead.

So rather than hop all over the place, talking about blogging on stories one day, video on my blog the next, it’s way more effective, easier on my brain and less overwhelming to create.

Get ahead

You probably know my motto by now is to get 30 days ahead in your content. This is a HUGE stress reliever and time saver!

Not only do you build yourself a comfortable cushion, should you get sick, or have a crazy busy week, but by doing it all in one sitting, you’re already in the zone, focussed and you’ll find it rolls off your tongue so much easier than if you ‘post it on the fly’.

So there you have it, my 3 time saving content tips!

Let me know in the comments which ones you find most useful.

Time Saving Content Tips
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