See just how easy it is to harness the power of video for your business without the technical jargon


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Want to start using video for your business, but you don't know where to start?
  • Want to know how to use video without spending lots on equipment (or spending no money at all)?
  • Confused with all the different ways video can be used and not sure how to apply this to your business?
  • I really want to use video, but I don't have the time to make it ?
  • Wish you could save time and just use your mobile to film & edit videos for your business?
  • I want my videos to look more professional and reflect my business better


Great, I've got you covered!

Enroll now in my Video Basics for Business course and I’ll show you how easy and effective video can be.

Up your content creation game through the power of video...

Video is the fastest growing marketing tool out there… But don’t feel overwhelmed or confused by it, all you really need to get started is your mobile phone.


Seeing your business brought to life

Have your passion for your business brought to life in front of your and your audiences eyes and see better engagement and sales as a result.

Using video to promote your business, without spending a penny

Bust the myth about needing expensive equipment to get your message out there. All you really need is a mobile phone (yes really!)

See better engagement on your social media platforms

Social media platforms love native video... FACT! So give them, and your audience, something they will love... Then sit back and smile!

Growing your search traffic, enquiries and sales

Google also loves video on websites and indexes it on results. So be discoverable and stop wondering where your next enquiry is coming from.

Being able to make & edit video quickly and 'on-the-go'

Forget the stress of desktop software and slow download speeds... I'll show you how to get your video from concept to watch, quickly and from the palm of your hand.

Everything you'll gain from Video Basics for Business

See just how the power of video can increase your enquiries and sales.

Video Training Lessons

You'll learn the tips and tricks that I use myself to make simple, yet effective videos (without the hefty price tag). In an easy to follow, step-by-step, way that is simple to apply to your business.

Handy Worksheets

You will get a worksheet to help you apply video to your business to best achieve your goals.

Tools & resources

I'll share all the tools and resources you need to make video filming and editing quick and simple!

All for just... £199


It's time to level up your content game...

Adopt the simple but effective power of video into your content creation and get your message out there.

What you'll ACTUALLY learn?

During the video course, I’ll show you how to do the following

Back to basics

Learn the different ways you can ustilise video in your business, to get your message out there.

Learn the ropes

I'll walk you through just what your 'really' need to film video for your business and how you can use your mobile phone to get started

The right message

Videos are pretty, but I'll show you how to ensure you align your video use with your business goals, so that every video packs a punch.

Editing on-the-go

You don't need expensive software... I'll show you entry level software for desktop, as well tell you the mobile apps you can use for a quick turnaround.

Content creation courses for entrepreneurs and small businesses scotland


Hi, I'm Pamela

Having worked for over 10 years in the marketing industry, from client side to agency side… Corporate giants to start-ups. The one issue I came up against time and time again was the over complicated direction when it came to the world of digital marketing.

So, a few years ago I set up my own marketing agency, tailored to offer a real world marketing support for small businesses. Through working with some amazing entrepreneurs and start-ups, I saw that there was a lack of qualified support out there to help show businesses how to consistently create content that delivers and is easy to produce.

Content Clarity was born to provide clear & simple solutions and enable entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketing departments (just like you!) to take control of their content marketing. From planning to creation, you don’t need big pockets to create great content… Just great ideas! And that’s what I’m going to help you to do.

Through my online courses and 1:1 support packages I’m going to let you in and show you my tried and tested content planning framework, that businesses like yours are using to consistently create content that’s easy, well thought through and that talks directly to their target audience… And guess what, it delivers results!

You will also gain access to all the tools and free resources that I use everyday in my business, that saves me time when creating content for my clients.


Who is Video Basics for Business for?

Showing you just how simple but effective video can be for your business


You want to use video, but are confused by the options...

I take it back to basics, showing you just how simple & quick video 'really' is. No Jargon, and certainly no complication.

You want to up your content game with video but don't have a desktop...

No computer or laptop? No problem here.. All you need is a mobile phone!

You worry mobile phone videos won't look professional enough...

I'll share with you all the tips & resources to make your video look like it wasn't shot on a mobile phone.

You're busy and want a quick solution...

Video doesn't have to be complicated... You'll get all the knowledge you need to make your videos in a quick turnaround time.


You want to make a Holywood film...

But then again Kanye did film a music video on his mobile phone... So what's stopping you!


Where do you want your business to be in 6 months time?

Do you know how you’re going to get there? Make the change now and start blogging right for your business and get one step closer to your goals.


How long do i have access to this course?

Forever! Enroll once and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which I’m constantly updating with new strategies and resources.

Could i just hire someone to do this for me?

If you don’t have the passion for filming yourself, you can hire someone in. But perhaps look to see if someone in the team has the passion, because as soon as you start using video, you won’t want to stop… Then hiring someone can soon rack up. You could even adopt video for the day to day filming and save the agency for the big budget purposes.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in video format, with supporting worksheets to help you apply the theory to your own business.

How do I make the payment?

When you click ‘enroll’, you’ll be directed to the checkout page on Teachable, where the course is hosted. Simply checkout and you’ll have instant access.