5 ways to harness the power of video in your marketing

We all know that video is the hot topic of the decade in the marketing world. But don’t worry if you’ve not tapped into the power of video for your business marketing efforts, because now is a great time to start.

Video is super powerful for many reasons. First up it engages viewers for longer. Whether that’s on social media or your website, it keeps the viewer more engaged than text and image alone. Forbes actually found that an average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

Wynowl (2018) found that where people had the option to learn about a product or service from a webpage with video and text, 72% would rather learn from the video. Making it a great way to get the word about your business out there!

But how?

Well let me run down the 5 different ways you can harness video in your marketing efforts:

1. Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are great. It builds an extra layer of trust with your audience, because they can see and hear direct from a previous customer for themselves.

Once people can put a face and context to a testimonial, it becomes far more relatable than if it was just a typed bit of text on a social media post.

2. Tutorials

Tutorials or styling videos are an excellent way to add value to your audience… Imagine you sell a food product. You could do recipe videos to show people how to incorporate your product in different ways. Or home products, you can show how to style a coffee table. Showcasing your products versatility.

I guarantee you will always find a use that someone hasn’t thought of yet!

3. Behind the scenes

Video is great for behind the scenes. It really brings to life everything that goes on inside your business. Whether that’s the attention to detail that goes into sourcing products, or personalising a service for someone.

You might wonder if people will really care… Just ask yourself why so many people watch day in the life vloggers and there’s your answer!

4. Q&A

So think of the Live functionality that’s available on the social media platforms… These are great for Q&A’s! Really helping you engage with your audience directly. For a lot of business owners, they don’t have any direct dealing with the customers, so this is a great way to bridge that gap and build that know, like and trust factor.

5. Engaging with the audience

Moving onto Stories now and there are a whole host of additional features that allow you to poll or ask questions to your following.

This is great if you’re researching for a new service idea or looking for opinions on branding of a new product.

Doing this really makes your audience feel like a part of your business and like their opinion matters.

So are you making use of video in your content strategy?

If you’re struggling to think of ways to add video into your content plans, then check out my 1:1 content coaching. A 12 week coaching package to help you get the most of out content marketing for your business.

5 Ways to Harness the Power of Video In Your Marketing
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