This has to be one of the most common questions I get asked. “Just what content should I be doing?”

It’s a constant headache as more and more social media platforms are added, as well as content outlets, such as video and podcasting… It’s only natural to feel like you need to be everywhere and therefore you need to be doing everything and that’s overwhelming even for me.

To start with, I think it’s important to pick at least 1 ‘big’ content commitment. Something meaty like a blog, YouTube/IGTV, podcast. These are what I deem the hard-working pack. They might take a little more effort than a social media post, but they last so much longer and can be referred to time and time again. Plus, they are out there waiting to be discovered via Google. So, having at least 1 is really a foundation before you even start to think about the social media platforms (which are short term immediate support).

So, let’s just go back to basics.

There are a few different factors to helping you decide what content is right for your business, your audience and ultimately for you.

What do you like to create?

Let’s start with you, as you’ll likely to be the one creating the content in the first instance. Do you like to write (blog), or have a big interest in video (YouTube/IGTV)… Or maybe you don’t like the idea of being on camera, but you like the idea of speaking, because you are comfortable with that (podcast).

Whatever your gut and creative heart is falling for… Listen to it and make sure that is in your content plan.

What about your business?

I want you to think about the products & services you sell. Are they visual? This will further help you identify the type of content. Whether images would be key. So perhaps Instagram & Pinterest would play a strong part on the social media front.

Is what you do more technical or instructional? A lot of detailed steps. Blogging might be high on the list here. But if those steps are very visual also video, if indeed you feel comfortable with that, or perhaps you could find a way to remain off camera if that was your only concern.

What about your audience?

If in doubt, ask! Find out what type of content they are consuming the most. Is it blogs, video or podcasts. Then what social media platforms are they spending their time on? Have a presence where most of your audience are.

When it comes to content and social media presence, don’t spread yourself too thinly. Chances are if your audience are on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Pinterest you can be sure most of them are on Facebook, where only a handful are on Twitter (or vice versa!). So, go where most of them are.

So there you go… Stop give yourself a hard time by over committing and being everywhere. Do a few things greatly, that you enjoy and it’ll work better for you in the long run.

What about your audience?