I have been inundated with questions about what the correct protocol is for posting on social media during the current situation, so I thought I’d jot it down in a blog post for you.

Can my business still post on social media during Covid-19?

Yes… Depending on your business, you may still be operational. Maybe you pivoted to an online or delivery offering. People will need to be aware of what your trading situation is. Otherwise they may assume you’re closed.

Even if you aren’t trading, you can still be posting valuable content at the moment. Think of all the restaurants that are closed but posting live cooking tutorials. Or fitness trainers doing online PT.

What can my business post during Covid-19?

As you can see from the examples above, now is absolutely the time to give value.

Think about how the current situation is impacting your audience and the problems they now face. How you can help alleviate that? i.e home schooling, working from home, boredom, loneliness, financial pressure.

Some examples I’ve seen are Joe Wicks online PE lessons. People sharing funny memes about how to dress when working from home. Martin Lewis keeping the whole UK up to date on financial support in the UK… But then accountants creating content on what support is available for sole traders, limited companies.

My top tips for a social media presence during Covid-19

  1. If you need a break away from social… Take it! This hasn’t happened before and there is no rule book. So, take a couple of weeks to adapt to your new situation (however that may look for you) and when you can face it, come back.
  2. When you can face it, all you need to do is maintain a stripped back presence. Think stories that are typed, polls… Use this time to really get connected to your audience.
  3. Switch off auto pilot… Things are changing on a daily basis. Plan your content but stay tuned into what’s going on and use your own common sense on what you feel is appropriate to put out just now.

We need to converse more now than ever to combat the isolation. So make sure you don’t isolate your business presence. You ultimately want to come out of this running, not crawling.

What should my business post on social media during a global pandemic?