Are you wondering how you can harness the power of IGTV for your business, then look no further!

In this post, I will be covering off why you should be using IGTV for your business and some different executions to get the most out of it.

Now IGTV serves many advantages to you as a business to help you deliver that ll important value to your audience and followers.

First up it’s another avenue for you to get eyes on your video! If you didn’t already know… Video is the future and if you’re not already ‘on it’, then get started! IGTV is a great way to dip your toe in.

Video takes time to put together (in some cases) so why not expose it to as many people as possible. If your main following is on Instagram, then you may well find that you reach a whole new group of people… Those who follow you on IG and not YouTube. You can also share your IGTV to your feed and Stories to help promote your video and pull people through to watch the full edit.

Another beauty of IGTV is the ability to share longer videos. No more 15 second or 60 second videos you get on Stories and the main grid. Making it absolutely fantastic for delivering deeper into a topic, or doing a demonstration, Q&A’s, Interviews and even keeping those great Lives too.

Now is also the time to take advantage of IGTV… Take the lions share of the space and really bed yourself in and get established on there and keep one step ahead of your competitors, who will wish they took the leap before you did.

It’s also ones of the lowest skill video requirements out there. TikTok has a learning curve… YouTube you need to please the algorithm first, but with IGTV you really can just shoot and upload from your mobile. No expensive equipment or wild skillset required.

Now, how can you harness this in your business? Well if you’ve already been doing video elsewhere in your business, say YouTube, or native upload to Facebook maybe… Or maybe you have videos on your website. Well you can resize them if the video allows, or you can skin them top and bottom to make them portrait.

Not got video to repurpose? Well how about start an exclusive show for your IGTV viewers… Maybe a behind the scenes vlog style video or a Q&A. Or what about a Live interview saved to your IGTV? You can also use that format to bring in customers as well from a testimonial point of view.

Why not give it a go!

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Why you should be using IGTV for your business