3 reasons why your customers are a content goldmine

Yep, you heard me… Your customers are a content marketing goldmine! Want to know why? Great, settle down and let me tell you the 3 reasons why some of your best blog and social media content will come from your customers.

1. Testimonials

So this one is a given… Your customers can provide you with priceless testimonials for your product or service. But why is this so powerful? Because of a little something called social reassurance.

If you think of the journey someone takes to buy your product or service… They’re aware of it, they research & compare the market, before deciding to buy. Now when people are at that decision making stage, nothing works harder for you than testimonials. It reassures people that others have bought from you and they thoroughly enjoyed your product or service, so logic has it ‘they will too’.

Not only that but there’s also something called FOMO – the fear of missing out. When you share previous customers glowing testimonials is stirs up a little FOMO in people… Not in a bad way, but well they want to be rewarded for their great buying decision too.

You see those car dealerships posting collection photos of the car, with the big bow and the salesperson handing the key over. The perfect formula of social reassurance and FOMO in harmony… I dare you to visit your local dealerships Facebook page and look at the engagement on those particular posts… People tagging their friends, sharing it to show others. It’s powerful, powerful emotion provoking stuff.

2. Objections

3 reasons why your customers are a content goldmine

Every business owners soul dies a little when a potential customer brings up an objection AKA a reason why they aren’t buying today. But turn that frown upside down because that person has just educated you on something you maybe didn’t even realise was a reason for them not to buy. And what do we do with those? We mope for 90 seconds, but then we dust ourselves down and start to list all the reasons why that objection isn’t really, well valid.

Let’s say they weren’t keen on getting a reflexology treatment done, because they were embarrassed about getting their feet out, or they’re afraid it might be ticklish (I know I don’t like getting my feet out, so that’s one for me!)

Well you can now tailor content geared to educate people on the different types of reflexology, using hands, ears even and how effective those other types are. So now your content is working away to dismiss those ‘feet fearing’ objections before someone else even raises them.

When you think back to the buying process, this content is great for those the research stage of the process.

3. Problems

Your customers problem have to be the absolute biggest goldmine of all. It’s a true insight into how your product or service filters into other areas of their lives. Areas you perhaps didn’t think of. People are maybe kept awake at night worrying about their tax return (for example)

They’ll tell you the emotions that they feel when they have the problem, which is so powerful to include in your content. So for a tax return issue it might be stress, worry, confusion, lost… These words are pure content gold. Because you can now use them to attract more of your ideal customer.

A social media caption that starts ‘Are you being kept awake at night worrying about your tax return’ relates to people and makes them scream ‘hell yeah I am!’ More than if you just said ‘Needing your tax return done?’

So when customers are ‘telling all’ prick up those ears and absorbs every adjective.

Which one are you going to try?

Why customers are content goldmines
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